Keto Chocolate (KetoManna) Product Review


Following a ketogenic diet is not always easy, so it is pretty awesome that there are companies out there providing us with packaged foods that may make adhering to the diet a little less complicated, and likely more enjoyable.  The cool thing about the ketogenic diet is that you can easily see how something is affecting you by testing your blood glucose and blood ketone levels.  We love testing which foods and products keep us in ketosis so we can recommend the ones we ACTUALLY trust. 

This time around, we tested out something extra delicious - KetoMannaA ketogenic chocolate treat, with minimal ingredients, 10g of MCTs per serving, and is 100% plant-based! When warm, the texture is comparable to a nut butter, but can harden very quickly in the fridge/freezer and be eaten like a chocolate bar.     

This is an honest review we really do like KetoManna and any sales through our affiliate link go towards supporting our research   

Dr. Dom D'Agostino and myself tested our blood glucose and blood ketones, to give different perspectives, after consuming 1 packet (34g) of KetoManna.


Dr. Dom’s Results:

Context: Week of eating low carb (<75g carbohydrates/day), but not keto

Before (semi-fasted): 

Glucose: 3.5 mmol/L

Ketones: 1.0 mmol/L

Glucose Ketone Index: 3.5

45 minutes later: 

Glucose: 3.8 mmol/L

Ketones: 1.2 mmol/L

Glucose Ketone Index: 3.2

1.5 hour later: 

Glucose: 3.5 mmol/L

Ketones: 1.4 mmol/L 

Glucose Ketone Index: 2.5

3 hours later: 

Glucose: 3.2 mmol/L

Ketones: 1.2 mmol/L 

Glucose Ketone Index: 2.6

Kristi's results:

Context: Following modified ketogenic diet (<40g carbohydrates/day)

Before (fasted): 

Glucose: 4.6 mmol/L

Ketones: 1.2 mmol/L

Glucose Ketone Index: 3.8

45 minutes later: 

Glucose: 5.0 mmol/L

Ketones: 1.8 mmol/L

Glucose Ketone Index: 2.7

2 hours later: 

Glucose: 4.5 mmol/L

Ketones: 1.2 mmol/L 

Glucose Ketone Index: 3.7

Turns out KetoManna is well suited for a ketogenic diet.

Besides being ketogenic, KetoManna tastes good… like really good.  It comes in individual packets (great for travelling), and depending on how creative you are, it can be used in a variety of ways. Rip the corner off and enjoy straight from the package, blend it into warm milk/nut milk for a keto hot chocolate, or let it harden in the fridge to be eaten like a chocolate bar (my personal favorite -->) 



Use this link to support our research and enjoy a keto chocolate treat!


By: Kristi Storoschuk